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The Continuing Saga of Sulla v. Horowitz

The Continuing Saga of Sulla v. Horowitz

by | Sep 14, 2014 | Horokane, Internet Defamation, Reputation Repair

The following is a statement from Paul J. Sulla, Jr.:

As some of you may know, I have been the victim of a vicious cyber-defamation campaign from well-known cyberbullies Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane since 2010. I had been quiet about this because I thought eventually it would go away. Anyone who has encountered this problem knows how hard it is to make it stop. Unfortunately in the case of emerging new technology, the laws have not kept up with some of the abuses that arise as is the case of someone maliciously posting derogatory, false and misleading information for their own gain.

After nearly two years of this relentless attack on the internet in which they dug up and posted everything they could find derogatory (or not) to use against me, and then report it sensationally, falsely and misleadingly in their attempt to reverse a foreclosure of their non-profit corporation’s real property by one of my clients, I am speaking up.  Numerous attempts by these perpetrators to have me investigated, disbarred, arrested by the FBI, DEA, Hawaii Bar Association, Hawaii Supreme Court, Hawaii State and County prosecutors and police departments have all met with the same response: no action.  This is because the claims of wrongdoing being made against me by Horowitz and Kane are false.

The legal dispute that spawned the attacks against me online by Horowitz and Kane is actually a legal dispute between them and my client.  It is not even my issue.  It is as if no one informed Horowitz and Kane of the difference between the client’s property and the attorney’s. In fact they have even further abused and harassed me, the attorney, by recording a fraudulent, unpermitted and unlawful lien against real property that I own, sold or represented an entity that sold over the past 20 years the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances. I have presently filed a Petition to have this lien revoked and these perpetrators fined the statutory $5000 penalty under HRS § 507D-1 et seq.  (This recording abuse has already significantly harmed two unrelated third parties trying to sell their homes).

In July 2012 prior to the tolling of the Statute of Limitations I filed suit for defamation against Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane Hawaii Circuit Court, Third Circuit Case No. 3CC12-1-000417 seeking an injunction to stop their continued defamation. I succeeded in obtaining a Preliminary Injunction on June 17, 2013 in this defamation action but soon found that the Injunction could not be enforced because the actionable content was moved to web servers outside of the United States and posts made by anonymous authors.  Local courts are not prepared to regulate what is actually a global issue.

However, recently I dismissed my defamation case against Mr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane because I realized that after several years and several thousand dollars, even if I win in court the defamatory content will likely stay online forever.  Instead I am now focusing my law firm’s efforts on representing the client that foreclosed on Mr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane who –through their cyber-attacks—they are trying to keep me from representing: the owner of the land that they currently live on, rent and mortgage free.

Because the underlying case that spawned the attacks against me is not over yet, it is not prudent for me to comment about any of the details.  To do so would not only be imprudent, it violates client confidentiality.  Let’s just say that after years of attacks from the cyberbullies I not only still believe in the case against them, I refuse to abandon my client even though it would make my life and my law practice much more enjoyable.

For those of you who have stuck by me and my law firm despite the crazy lies Mr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane are telling about me on the internet, THANK YOU!  I humbly promise to represent your interests as diligently and effectively as possible.  Cyberbullying and cyber-defamation are very real and very large problems in modern society, and the courts are having a hard time grappling with how to control this problem on the internet.  By standing by the victims of these attacks, you are doing your part to make sure the cyberbullies’ tactics are not rewarded.   I will keep you informed of my progress.

With much Aloha,

Paul J. Sulla, Jr.