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Hester v. Horowitz: Update

Hester v. Horowitz: Update

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Firm News, Foreclosure, Horokane, Internet Defamation, Real Estate

It is the general practice of this firm to avoid commenting on active litigation. However, when it comes to the Hester v. Horowitz and the Internet defamation drama involving Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, it is important to see how the latest ruling further diminishes the credibility of the “Horokane”.

The latest orders include the Order Remanding Action and Order Striking Horowitz Filing. In the remand order, the judge found that Horowitz filed several inconsistent statements under oath regarding his domicile and did not believe Horowitz when he claimed to be a California resident. In the Strike Order, the court goes so far as to label the document filed with the court by Horowitz and Kane as “fanciful, frivolous, and delusional.”

If you have been concerned about the “fanciful, frivolous, and delusional” claims being made about Paul J. Sulla, Jr. personally and the firm, these rulings should lay fears to rest. This firm is just a law office: We advocate for our clients and help them navigate complex legal issues concerning real estate, trusts, and foreclosure. Sometimes, we face serious attacks from our clients’ opponents and the better we advocate, the more vicious the attacks.

Hopefully, this new year will bring resolution to this case. Happy New Year!

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